Institute for Biodefense Research

The Institute for Biodefense Research operates with partners to advance the science of microbial forensics toward repeatable validation and interpretation processes that lead to timely, accurate attribution and effective support of the legal, health and first responder communities.

The emergence of tools to enhance scientifically robust analysis, assay and interpretation that keep pace with increasingly powerful technology improves legal community response and national security decisions for not only the Department of Justice and the Department of Justice, but the Department of Commerce and its National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services.

Core Focus

Reliability and Relevance

Rigorous scientific standards that increase reliability and relevance of methodologies and tools emphasizing collection, extraction and analysis

Expansion of Scientific Knowledge

Expansion of scientific knowledge and tools compatible to both microbial forensics and public health communities

Methodologies and Tools

Multi-discipline collaboration approach to methodologies and tools

Improved Understanding

Improved understanding of the long-term significance this discipline provides

Validation of Software

Rigorous validation of software algorithm testing

Improve Forensic Signatures

Improve forensic signatures to expand data signature repositories and improve attribution